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Working JIIFF

José Ignacio Industry Program
Fiction film industry between Uruguay and the world.
Co-production and training meetings in Uruguay.

Working JIIFF is the space created within the framework of the José Ignacio International Film Festival (JIIFF). It began in its 9th edition, 2019. It is intended as a space to analyze and address the new paradigms of filmmaking, as well as the international market for fiction works from Uruguay. Working JIIFF takes place in a laid back and professional environment that generates new encounters and possibilities.
The general design of this activity - which in this opportunity will be held from January 20th -23rd, 2022 - propose the creation of instances that favor the interaction of international participants in order to establish links, set agendas, contribute to the development of international projects and co-productions, and strengthen training opportunities

Working JIIFF, for this next edition, consists of five actions: the International Co-Production Meeting (on-site); Faro José Ignacio - Paris (pitching instances, online); Institutional Presentations of Funds and financing methods Generation J (training space for emerging filmmakers and producers, on-site) and Corte! ((training space for children and teenagers, on-site).