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The 2022 locations for JIIFF are natural spaces of José Ignacio and Pueblo Garzón, of unique and privileged beauty, they are ideal to enjoy the sunset and watch a great film under a starry sky.

Sedes JIIFF 2022
Bajada de los Pescadores
Bajada de los Pescadores - Sede JIIFF 2022
José Ignacio is our first love. Here is where we think and dream of JIIFF. The sun hides behind a calm sea and if it touches a cloudy sky, the magentas and oranges explode everywhere, giving us one of the simplest and most wonderful spectacles of nature.
Pueblo Garzón
Pueblo Garzón - Sede JIIFF 2022
One of JIIFF’s traditional locations is located 30 km from José Ignacio and a witness to typical Uruguayan inland towns. Pueblo Garzón reinvented itself and is a must-see destination for those who are traveling along the coastline of Uruguay.
Chacra La Mallorquina
Chacra La Mallorquina - Sede JIIFF 2022
Chacra La Mallorquina is located in the middle of the Uruguayan countryside. In addition to being a visual treasure, with horses, sheep and a lagoon, it is a sound experience when the sun goes down and the frogs croak joining the birds to announce the end of the day, and the beginning of the night.
Estancia VIK
Estancia VIK - Sede JIIFF 2022
Estancia Vik is romantic, rustic and traditional, and pays homage to Uruguay's nature, architecture, art and design.One of the most exclusive places in José Ignacio. Located 8km from town on the Saiz Martínez road.