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The goal for this workshop is to start from experimentation and stimulate a cinematographic language.

In a playful spirit, we will work through the different stages that make up the process of filmmaking: research, development, script writing, filming, editing and post production.

As the workshop progresses, we will carry out exercises inspired by different cinematographic trends, both in fiction and documentary: direct cinema, cinema verité, observational cinema, noir, animation, comedy, among others.

Every day we will have a moment for creation (drawing, filming, recording sounds, acting, creating costumes and scenery) as well as film analysis, based on film fragments.

We will also have special tutors invited for the different instances.

The workshop will end with the making of a short film, built with different techniques, in which each member can have a creative role, according to their age and interests.


From 15th to 23rd January.
Time: from 4 pm to 7 pm.
Except for shooting days, which will have an extended schedule as necessary.

El mundo se revela
a quienes viajan a pie.

Werner Herzog

¡CORTE! 2021

JIIFF's film

Watch the
short film
they made!


Profesor Javier Palleriro

Javier Palleiro

Scriptwriter, Director

Montevideo, Uruguay, 1976.
In November 2007 he wrote and directed the short film “Buen viaje”, together with Guillermo Rocamora -Cannes Official Competition 2008, Best Ibero-American Production Zinebi, Bilbao 2008-. He worked as associate producer on the documentary "Las flores de mi familia", selected Best Film in the Latin American Competition at the 16th edition of the Santiago International Documentary Festival (Fidocs). He co-wrote and produced the feature film “Solo”, premiered at the 30th Miami International Film Festival 2013, which won the award for Best First Film. He was co-producer in the Argentine feature films “El hijo de la guerra” by Julieta Ledesma, “La luz incidente” by Ariel Rotter, “El Pampero” by Matías Lucchesi and “Invisible” by Pablo Giorgelli. He directed and co-wrote the feature film “Respirar”, which was supported by Berlinale's Talent Campus, INCAA and the FIC; it was released in 2018. He is currently developing the series “La comunidad”, which received funding from the Uruguay Audiovisual Program.

Profesor Javier Palleriro

Alicia Cano

Scriptwriter, Director

Salto, Uruguay, 1982.
Degree in Communications with a master's degree in "Ideazione e Produzione di Audiovisivi" from the Catholic University of Italy.
Her first feature film "El Bella Vista" (2012) was part of the Official Competition in Karlovy Vary and San Sebastián, among more than 50 festivals around the world. Her second feature film “Locura al aire” (which she co-directed, 2018) was a part of several human rights film festivals and received awards and mentions, including the Audience Award at the Biarritz Film Festival. "Bosco" is her third feature film, it premiered at IDFA. It won the award for Best Documentary Film at the Malaga Film Festival (2021) and the Nuovi Mondi Festival (Italy), as well as a Special Mention from the Jury at the Festival dei Popoli (Italy), Sanfic (Chile), Ethnocineca (Austria). She has written and directed for television in Italy and Uruguay.


Day 1

What is cinema? We watch short films, we talk about what we like and what we want to do in the workshop.

Day 2

Research. Beach stories. We make a script, we draw, we plan.

Day 3

First image and sound recordings. Stop motion exercises. Pre-production for fiction.

Day 4

Rehearsal for fiction, recorded interviews, documentary filming

Day 5

Fiction filming, stop motion editing, interview and documentary editing.

Days 6 and 7

Montage, mixing, color grading, graphics.

Day 8

Entrega de diplomas.




We hope more boys and girls can get closer to the world of cinema. For this reason, in an alliance with the Liga de Fomento de José Ignacio, we offer two full scholarships.

All boys and girls from the area (including the territory between the two lagoons and between Route 9 and the sea) between the ages of 9 and 17 are eligible.
In order to participate, applicants must film themselves telling why they would like to participate. The video can last up to 1 minute and should be sent to corte@joseignaciofilmfestival.com with the subject "BECA LIGA".

Corte! will be held during the week of JIIFF, from 15th to 23rd January from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm (except for shooting days, which will be extended as necessary).

The boys and girls who apply for these scholarships must have an authorization signed by their parents.

The scholarships will be awarded by competition.

Whoever wins will be responsible for coming and returning each day to the course, which will take place in José Ignacio.